Healthy Living | Day 2 of the Keto Krush 7 Day Challenge
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Day 2 of the Keto Krush 7 Day Challenge

08 Oct Day 2 of the Keto Krush 7 Day Challenge

How did you make out yesterday? Have you shared your experiences and questions in the Facebook group? We’re there to support you in your journey to health! Read on for today’s menu and tips!
Chocolate Chips Muffins
Egg Cups
Pulled Pork with Keto BBQ Sauce
Keto BBQ Sauce
Cole Slaw
Jerk Chicken Thighs
Loaded Cauli Mash
Cucumber Salad
Chocolate Fat Bombs

Exercise Tip of the Day:

Choose An Exercise Routine You Can Look Forward To

Let’s face it, exercise is hard work. However, since it’s an integral part of your daily routine, what’s keeping you from making it fun and enjoyable? You know better than anyone that trying to force yourself to stick with something that’s not fun is a disaster waiting to happen and typically results in quitting sooner rather than later.
Instead, and this is the best part, pick an exercise that is compatible with how your body functions, as well as with your schedule. Once you find the workout that best suits you, it’ll be a piece of cake making it part of your natural routine, and it’ll be easy to get the results you want.
Also, try to mix up your routine every once in a while, because even a good thing can turn boring after a while. Likewise, remember that your body will adjust to the stress level of your workout, so if you keep doing the same thing for a long time, your workouts won’t be as effective. Up the intensity or weight etc to keep your body at it’s best.
Another great motivator is music. There have been a number of studies done that prove how music helps people work out better, faster, harder, and with more conviction and makes it fun to boot!

Daily Health Tip:

4 Night Time Rituals Used By Health Pros

The science is clear that daily rituals create behaviors that reduce stress. A study completed by the American Friends of Tel Aviv University discovered that this isn’t just true of humans, but of animals as well. A morning ritual can start your day on a positive note; an evening ritual is equally as important to your health and well being.

1. Relax
Allowing at least an hour of relaxation before bed is ideal. Put your cell phone down and turn the television off (it is actually suggested to not have a TV in your bedroom!). While you don’t need to sit in complete silence, your brain needs time to switch off from its day of information overload. Flashing images, dramatic scenes, or violence, can overstimulate your brain, which will make it difficult to actually turn it off to get to sleep. The same applies to using a computer, or smart phone, the back-lit devices keep your brain active. Consider listening to classical music, or any other genre that you find soothing. You can experiment with music until you find the one that works for you.

2. Hydrate
Drink a full glass of water before bed to give your muscles, brain and heart a foundation for a good nights rest. Studies found hydrating before bed helps your muscles recuperate, can prevent heart attacks and lower blood pressure.

3. Stretch
Most people start their day with some form of stretching, but having a light stretching session before bed is beneficial too. It isn’t necessary to work up a sweat, you don’t want to stimulate your body and mind before bed, however you do want to get to sleep without aches and pains. A few basic yoga postures will help your body relax, aligning your body and preventing you from waking up with stiff joints and aching muscles. Consider it a quick calibration for the body.

4. Get Comfortable
Take a look at your sleeping environment and consider what could be preventing you from getting a decent night’s sleep. Your room should be quiet, dark, and cool.
Quiet- while you can’t control outside noise, you could employ the use of earplugs if you live in a loud area.
Dark- using a blackout shade to keep your room devoid of light can improve your sleep.
Cool- that doesn’t mean you have to crank up the air conditioning, but turning up the heat can also be counterproductive. There is nothing more frustrating than waking up in the middle of the night sweating, or shivering. As you sleep, your body’s core temperature drops so it’s always a good idea to have an extra blanket at the foot of your bed just in case.
Make sure your pillow, mattress, and bedding are comfortable for you. Also It can be tempting to let pets (and kids) sleep with you, but they tend to be quite disruptive to your sleep pattern, so get Buddy his own bed and limit sleepovers with your children to the occasional nightmare soothing!

To Your Success!
Coach Cheryl

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