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About Me

Coach Cheryl Thacker, PCC, BCC has been professionally coaching, mentoring, teaching, managing and training for over 25 years. She has been on staff at World Coach Institute as the Training Director since 2009.

As a certified wellness professional, Cheryl works with those struggling with weight and health-related issues, promoting the Ketogenic Diet through the Keto Krush program. Many are finding success with losing weight, reversing and managing conditions like Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, high blood pressure and others, when past attempts at weight loss and illness maintenance have been unsuccessful. Coach Cheryl reversed her diabetes and has lost over 100 pounds following her program. Read more about this way of life on her Keto Krush Blog

As a successful coach herself, Coach Cheryl supervises, mentors and inspires fellow coaches in her ‘Successful Coaches Enterprise LLC’ business, inspiring them to build their coaching skills, best business strategies, work through client issues and prepare for credentialing with the International Coach Federation where she holds the credential of PCC (Professional Coach Certification)

In addition, Coach Cheryl runs Recovery Nation, her not-for-profit, where she works with a staff of 12-15 volunteer coaches & mentors. dealing with recovery from addiction using the Health Based Recovery(HBR)model.

Helping professionals go from the dead-end corporate world to successful entrepreneurship is another of Coach Cheryl’s specialties. Developing business plans that work is just the beginning of successful career changes.

If you have been looking for a well rounded, compassionate coach, contact Coach Cheryl today!